The designed complex of structures is intended for a stable drinking water supply of the city and is designed to replace the 100% worn-out previously constructed water supply network. Our design team proposes the following design solutions:
- construction of an underwater water supply system with a total length of 17.7 km;
- replacement of the water supply network with a total length of 18.9 km;
- transition of the water supply system under the railway tracks of the Russian Federation “Pridneprovskaya Railway” of PJSC “Ukrainian Railway” by means of horizontal drilling;
- in order to preserve the pavement, it was proposed to build all transitions of water pipes under roadways with asphalt concrete pavement in a closed way in steel cases;
- on the projected water pipelines, saddle bends are provided in the projected wells to provide yard connections;
During engineering geological surveys, 91 wells were drilled with a total length of 364 rm. The total area of ​​engineering and geodetic surveys was 100 hectares.
The impact class is CC2.
In 2019, the project received a positive conclusion of a comprehensive state expertise.